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7 of the Best (and Worst) Methods of Avoiding Weeds

From hobbyist gardeners to professional landscapers, painstaking efforts have been taken to rid our lives of weeds.  Although there is no way of permanently ridding your beds of weeds, there are ways to deter them.  Here are some of the best (and worst) methods of keeping them at bay.

4 Reasons To Mulch Your Garden

The list of benefits of mulching your garden is an extensive one.  Here are 4 of the biggest reasons why you should mulch your beds.

Mushrooms And Other Fungi In Mulched Beds
Mushrooms And Other Fungi In Mulched Beds

After spending time and money on creating the landscape you want, it can be frustrating to find molds and fungi in your mulched beds.  Don’t worry, though.  It’s perfectly normal to find them in your mulch, as they grow on decaying wood and most are actually beneficial to the decomposition process.  You can find them most of the year starting in early spring to mid fall, and often emerge after a period of rainy weather. 

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